About Rabia’s

Seafood/Oyster Bar and Italian Dinner menus at Rabia’s Restaurant in the Historic North End of Boston are based heavily on seafood, but Italian cuisine is also superb

Rabia’s is pleased to offer creative Italian fare in a warm and colorful environment. The menu is based heavily on seafood, but of course, there is something for everyone. We have over forty dishes that range from delicious antipasti, to flavorful soups, salads, pastas, and chicken or veal dishes.

We serve dishes from nearly every region of Italy, and there’s always something new-you’ll have more than eight daily specials to choose from that include a number of enticing and mouthwatering options. Seafood lovers are in for a treat with menu highlights such as fresh baked salmon and scallops, homemade lobster ravioli, and hearty New England bouillabaisse. The fishermen at the market expect us every morning and exclusively hand over the freshest catches to Rabia’s discriminating and experienced buyer.

Our charming environment and superb service will transport you to a world of luxurious meals and effortless romance. At Rabia’s, unique and imaginative food presentations are bold and exciting; the goal is to keep you enchanted and impressed. The food is inventive, textured, savory, and the dishes will leave you pleasantly content and more than satisfied. The alluring atmosphere and the exceptional meals bring customers into Rabia’s, but the dreamy desserts and the extensive wine list set them adrift. Rabia’s is the ideal location for turning your evening into something extraordinary.

We accept reservations, and are pleased to offer catering services and availability for private parties. , we look forward to serving you.